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Please include your availabilities and hotel address + WhatsApp number if you wish me to arrange transportation for you.

❝When I shut myself up, I feel detached from those around me and the events of this world. On the other hand, when I am more open and more attentive to others, I feel closer to them and I feel, in a way, a sense of unity. The experience proves to me that love heals precisely because it induces this sensation of unity and that reiki itself constitutes an expression of this love.❞

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What we’ll do

A private Reiki session surrounded by beautiful nature and a stunning Balinese temple.


One hour

What I’ll provide

Mosquito repellent, mosquito net, floor mats, blankets, eye pillows

For how much?

            500 000 idr


                 $ 35



How to get there

We can arrange transportation from your hotel

How do I book?

Drop me a line right here: