Emilie was an accomplished and hardworking chef de patisserie in a busy kitchen at a celebrated Montreal restaurant. She was developing an increasingly high-profile career in the kitchen under the mentorship and direction of the executive chef, Giovanni Apollo, and then later, at an awarded “best restaurant” in Dubaï. She worked hard and enjoyed many successes in that career. However, she became increasingly dissatisfied in the kitchen as she realized that she missed the interaction with people.

Later on she came to realized that she actually wanted a career and role to provide support and healing for people in need.

Since then she has developed a burning passion for the therapeutic effects and the practice of reiki, a magnificent instrument that promotes physical, psychic and spiritual fulfillment.  Moreover, having consulted reiki practitioners and benefited from the therapeutic interactions herself, she is acutely aware of the effectiveness of reiki.  By training to become a reiki master and through diligent practice, Emilie has developed her hidden faculty of clairsentience, which makes her an empathic healer having the facility to feel the emotional pain of others, including upheaval, joy and happiness.

She now does what she loves the most – helping people through reiki, teaching yoga and eating desserts!

“I have mainly received reiki at very long distance, after having made my evening qi gong exercises and before going to sleep. As a regular practitioner of qi gong since a couple of years, I find that reiki activates and harmonizes the qi in a wonderfully soothing and relaxing way, and it has helped me to a deep sleep even when jetlagged or stressed.”

Paul M. KarlssonPhD Student in philosophy

“Emilie is a beautiful person with great sensitivity. I could feel the benefits of Reiki very quickly. She is always listening to my needs and is very professional.”

Marisol MartinezClassical ballet teacher

“I received a Reiki treatment to relieve tightness in my chest and throat related to anxiety. The symptoms appeared following a concussion. The care provided relieved the tensions and improved the quality of my sleep. It allowed me to get back to my regular activities. This care has been an important element in my recovery. Emilie’s care was of great help!”

Michelle BeauvaisTherapist humain relation

Perhaps there is only one healer: Love!

When I shut myself up, I feel detached from those around me and the events of this world. On the other hand, when I am more open and more attentive to others, I feel closer to them and I feel, in a way, a sense of unity. The experience proves to me that love heals precisely because it induces this sensation of unity and that reiki itself constitutes an expression of this love.