Help While Healing

Every month, a different charity is selected, to which 5% of all reiki sessions income will be donated.  I invest a lot of energy in selecting the right cause of an accountable, transparent and trustworthy organization.

I ensure that the organization is working with groups in the local community and that they understand the landscape they are working within.  I favour organizations which focus on deep-rooted underlying causes of the problems, ahead of those that offer a short-term quick-fix solution.  I choose well established responsible organizations that are in the community for the right reasons, as well as being transparent about their finances, to ensure the donations are spent as promised.

I reveal the monthly causes on the blog !

What Reiki can do for you?

Relaxes Deeply

Reiki brings an energy supplement that harmonizes and revitalizes the body. It reduces stress, relaxes deeply and calmly.

Accelerate Spiritual Growth

Reiki accelerates all spiritual work and personal evolution.

Enhances Medical Treatment

Reiki enhances the efficiency of medical treatment.  It also strengthens resilience after trauma.

Corrects Unbalances

Reiki corrects the physical and emotional unbalances, releasing the root cause of blockages that occur in cellular memory.

Relieves Pains

Reiki relieves pain and strengthens the immune system.

Stimulates Self Healing

Reiki stimulate the process of self-regulation and self-healing of the body. It removes toxins, and strengthens and purifies the organs.

You should also know…

Reiki is, above all, a path of transformation and awakening.  It is a magificient instrument of harmonization and offers profound healing of our being, for ourselves, our environment and the whole.

There are as many ways to gain access to the light as there are individuals. Reiki is one of these ways, allowing each person to have their own personal journey. Reiki belongs to no one; it has been given to all and constitutes the very essence of each being.

Healing Hands Bali does beautiful things for your body and your mind!

If one considers reiki as a way to heal the body, above all it allows the soul and the mind to heal. Its goal is to unite the trinity, body-soul-spirit into a harmonious whole, in a serene balance to which we should all aspire.